Mitigating Risk While Extending Asset Lifecycle

With more than 800,000 kilometers (500,000 miles) of inline inspection (ILI) completed, TDW has the experience and expertise to help pipeline owners and operators achieve system integrity and reliability, resulting in an extension of the asset lifecycle. Our dedicated personnel – powered by knowledge and focused on mitigating risk – partner with you to meet rigorous safety, regulatory, operational, and corporate demands.

Our inline inspection technologies are fully engineered to provide you with the most accurate data available – and to detect threats to pipeline integrity in even the harshest environments.

TDW provides a variety of ILI technologies, tools, and services, including inspections for:

Comprehensive threat assessment

Cracks and crack-like anomalies

Corrosion and metal loss

  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL), typically utilized in liquid pipelines, provides reliable detection and sizing of volumetric features. Combining MFL with other technologies – for example, mapping and geometry – minimizes the number of tool runs.
  • Low field magnetic flux leakage (LFM) identifies permeability changes resulting from manufacture, milling, or mechanical working.
  • Gas magnetic flux leakage (GMFL) provides reliable detection and sizing of volumetric features in natural gas pipelines. Combining GMFL with other technologies – including mapping and geometry, for example – minimizes the number of tool runs.

Dents and other anomalies

  • Deformation (DEF) detects minute bore changes in pipeline internal diameter, including dents, ovalities, wrinkles, expansions, and misalignments.
  • KALIPER® 360 (K360) for the new construction environment, makes the pipeline bore validation process quicker and more cost-effective, accurately detecting dents and ovalities.

Additional ILI technologies improve pipeline mapping and produce precise data in certain high flow pipelines:

  • XYZ navigation pairs global positioning system (GPS) coordinates at above-ground locations with highly accurate inertial mapping for a detailed map of key pipeline features, as well as bending strain.
  • Active speed control technology allows reliable inspections without natural gas flow reduction.

We’ve also made it easier than ever for you to review and navigate ILI data: